Who can enter the pageant?

To enter you MUST be:
A born male and competing as a female/ female alter-ego
Over 21 years old 
Have beauty pageantry experience OR stage/public performing experience
Able and willing to provide proof of identification for contractual purposes
A legal UK resident or an EU Citizen

Overseas applicants are welcome but AURA XII are not responsible for visa requirements and the applicant's expenses

How do I enter the pageant?

First of all you will need to fill in the online application form. The form can be filled in electronically and submitted online. A face photo should then be sent via e-mail OR uploaded during the online application form process.
The registration fee is payable at this stage (£30.00 by credit card online via PayPal)

Why do I need to pay an application fee?

The fee covers administrative costs and secures the candidate's entry and is NON-refundable.

What other fees are applicable?

There is a mandatory minimum sale of 3 advanced tickets (@£20 each) or 2 VIP tickets (@£30 each)per candidate. In exchange, you will be given 5 advanced tickets that you can sell on to recover your money. This is to ensure that each candidate has minimum crowd support on the night.

Candidates can of course sell more than 5 tickets.

How do I know if my application is successful?

You will get an e-mail confirming your entry.

Please note that due to the volume and/or suitability of applicants not everyone will be successful.

How many candidates can enter the pageant?

A maximum total of 8 candidates will be chosen for the competition

What’s the criteria for the pageant?

Beauty, poise, grace, personality and intelligence. Costume creativity and imagination plus catwalk projection and confidence is your passport to the crown.

What costumes are required?

You will be responsible for your own imaginative costuming. You will need the following costumes:
1. Fantastical Costume (Miss Fantastic)
2. Evening Wear (Miss Twilight)

How many winners will they be?

There will be 3 total winners on the night as follows:

MISS DIAMOND 2nd Princess
MISS DIAMOND 1st Princess

Is there a talent section?

At present there is NO talent section.

Is there a personal interview during the pageant?

YES! ALL candidates will be interviewed and it is vital that you do well in the interview as it will form a big impact on your final score."Beauty without brains nor personality" can disappoint the judges so you must be confident in your speech but don't worry the questions are not rocket science!

Won’t it be obvious who will win on the night if a candidate receives a lot of categoric awards?

You can never tell who will win on the night purely from winning the categoric awards. This only signifies great costuming and plays a big part in reaching preliminary scores. Historically, the main title winner may not even receive a single categoric award. It’s a race until the very end that’s why you should never feel disheartened during the pageant. The interview plays the biggest part of victory.

When are the winners announced?

After each costume, the winner will be announced so she will receive her sash wearing the winning costume.
The main winners will be announced right at the end. 

Who are the judges?

The judges are usually prominent people within the transgender and gay community and are unbiased towards the candidates and score purely on merits.

What do I expect to get from entering this pageant?

The pageant is what you make it. People enter for various reasons. Some enter to make new friends, some to gain confidence and others want the crown!! Whatever the reason they share the same motive.. to show off!!

The Prizes are:
£300 (MISS DIAMOND) £150/£100 (RUNNERS-UP)
The winner and runners-up also receive a sash, bouquet of flowers
and other prizes including a glamour photo shoot.

Are there rehearsals?

Yes. Rehearsals are normally held on the Thursday before the event.
You are expected to attend rehearsal or you may be disqualified.

What happens after the pageant?

The event is featured within a Masquerade Ball so can take photos and chill out as well as congratulate the winners and mingle with the crowd to receive all the compliments you deserve! This makes the night truly rewarding and a worthwhile experience!

**Refreshments, food, snacks and drinks are available at rehearsals and at the main event.
We understand that some of your questions will still remain unanswered so if that's the case simply e-mail us [email protected] or e-mail by clicking here or call the office Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
on 0208 123 0559 (+44 208 123 0559 Outside UK)

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