1. The Promoter organises and promotes the event called “Miss Diamond Queen”. At the discretion of the Promoter, prizes will be available;

2. The Judge(s) decision will be final.

3. The candidate is over 18 years of age and has supplied his/her legal name, address and date of birth as required on the application. A photo I.D may be requested by the promoters.

4. The candidate meets the criteria as follows: must be a born male competing as a female.

5. The candidate agrees to sell a minimum of 5 advance tickets. The equivalent of 5 ticket sales must be given in exchange of these tickets. Overseas candidates must remit this amount online by the date set by the organisers. Tickets shall be given upon arrival in London. The entrance fee of £30 must be included (or remitted online via credit card) with the official signed copy of this agreement and signed application form.

6. The Candidate will attend the Event in good time on the day of the Event. Lateness may result in disqualification. Candidates must be ready 1 hour before the start of the show to enable photographers to take still photos in the opening costume. Strobe lighting and flash photography may be in operation during the show;

7. Each candidate shall be allowed only 1 assistant backstage with complimentary entry.

8. The Candidate will comply with the Rules and Regulations issued by the Promoter from time to time in force and will obey all directions given to her by the Promoter or its assigns, contractors or agents and of the Event Management.

9. Candidates shall be liable for their own costumes and financial expenses. Overseas candidates are responsible for acquiring necessary travel documents and may be required to prove that they are able to attend the event at least two months before the event.

10. Costume requirements must be met and in case of uncertainty the candidate should clear the costume in advance with the promoters. Costume dimensions should be cleared in case the stage cannot accommodate the costume size. Points shall be deducted if costume requirements are not met.

11. An official photo shoot will be scheduled in London and the candidate must attend this in order to take promotional still photography and video recording. Overseas candidates will be notified of alternative means for this requirement. All candidates including overseas candidates must attend the rehearsal date set by the promoters which usually falls on the Friday before the event.

12. In the event that the Candidate should win the title, the Candidate irrevocably agrees to attend the next Event, on a date which will be notified to the Candidate by the Promoter and to participate therein by turning over the crown to the next main prize winner. In default, the Candidate shall forfeit her title and prize money (and in respect of which she will account to the Promoter as if the same were a debt) and the title and prize (if any) will pass to the immediate runner up or, in her absence, the next Candidate in line.

13. The main titleholder may be required to fulfil certain duties to honour her title i.e. charitable events and shall be forbidden to enter other beauty pageants during the reigning year or will stand to lose the title.

14. The Candidate irrevocably agrees to permit the Promoter and its contractors, agents and assigns to take voice and image recordings of the Candidate during the course of the Event and acknowledges, authorises and permits the Promoter to cut, edit and produce and exploit the images and recordings in a manner of its choosing, to which the Promoter will own all of the Candidate’s intellectual, moral and other rights thereon;

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